Thursday Thoughts – Lack of Reading Motivation

Great example of how motivation in all walks of life can decrease, and how goal setting can be used to increase it. If you want to know more on how to do this, see my post “Keeping Your Writing Motivation High: How To Set Goals” for more details.

Thrice Read

Let’s get real guys, my reading this year has been lackluster at best. At the outset of this year I declared that I would give myself more freedom and try not to focus on my Goodreads reading goal. After over half a year I think I can say that this approach has not worked for me.

My entire year has felt a bit like a reading slump. My reading has ebbed and flowed between the feverish devouring of books to complete disinterest. Now, I will say that life has changed a bit and that may have something to do with my lack of reading. However, I do believe that in not keeping myself accountable I have made it too easy to just not read.

My intentions behind allowing myself more “freedom” where it came to reading were genuine. I didn’t want reading to feel like a chore. Yet, we still…

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