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I am a long time fantasy fan and am currently writing my first fantasy novel. I am a veteran who has recently left the British Army to complete a psychology based PhD.

I have recently taken the plunge into writing fantasy that is centered around my own experiences as a veteran combined with my studies in psychology. My current work in progress is a grimdark novel entitled “The Price of War”. I am a lover of the sub-genre grimdark and feel this genre fits nicely with the actual experiences of war, both the physical and psychological.

Here I will share how I think psychology can be applied to writing to help writers stay motivated and overcome things such as writer’s block (check out the improve your writing tab for more details). I will also share all the things I learn during my journey of writing. Including free online material that has improved my own writing, interesting things I find when researching for my novel, and my own reviews of lesser known indie fantasy authors.

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